Three fictional Characters tag

I saw this thing on Instagram that said ‘describe yourself in three fictional characters.’ People had taken screenshots of the three fictional characters that best described them as a person and reposted them in response.

These are mine.


One is (obviously) Bridget Jones. Unlike Bridget, I don’t smoke – and certainly won’t drink excessively unless provoked. However Bridget and I sometimes feel as one. Especially now I am in my thirties and life is a gigantic ball of confusion swirling towards eventual robot overlords and death.

The second is Blair Waldorf. I might not have the money, the penthouse, live in New York, wear couture, employ a henchwoman to do my bidding (mores the pity), have an on/ off romance with the utterly delicious Chuck Bass… actually – where was I going with this?… The point is Blair and I are both devious to a fault, loyal and experience classic movie dream sequences in our sleep. Plus we both love Laduree and own a silk pillow. Which means we are practically twins.

The third is Mrs Mills. Who is an advice columnist for the Sunday times. Sort of. Actually she is more of an anti-advice columnist for the Sunday times. Which is where I come in. I am excellent at advice and not all of it is entirely trustworthy. However, always heartfelt. I never actually get to say what is legitimately going on in my head 99.9% of the time or I would be in very big trouble indeed.

Consider yourselves tagged.

Who are your three fictional characters?

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