So this is thirty … (two)

It was my thirty-second birthday on Wednesday. I would have posted about it… but it was tremendously low-key and spent deep cleaning my flat, doing the laundry, wallowing in the bath and binge watching Netflix while drinking large quantities of rum.

Much like Captain Jack Sparrow.

As you do.

It’s a weird feeling to enter your thirties. I feel like I’m one part Captain Jean Luc Picard and one part Bridget Jones. Going boldly where I have never gone before, with a glass of wine in one hand and Chaka Khan playing loudly in the background.

I think I was in denial about being in my thirties when I actually reached dirty number thirty. I have a serious case of baby face and have done for much of my life, so a number as formidable as THIRTY didn’t really phase me. Hey – what did I care? I still passed as twenty. Bring it on Father Time!

Then thirty-one rolled around… and I was still slightly denying it on the inside (albeit with sweaty palms and a twitchy eye). But now I’m thirty-two and I can no longer pretend that my thirties aren’t happening. It’s the lightbulb moment of: “Holy shit. I really am in my thirties.”

And before you roll your eyes and sigh – remember… I’ve never been this old before, you know?

I even panic-bought my first tub of anti-wrinkle cream and started slathering it on myself like cupcake frosting at night time. Much to Mr Maybe’s disgust.

Apparently formaldehyde smells bad, who knew?

As I began to come to terms with the fact that (yes) I am indeed in my thirties and that (yes) this really was happening to me. Looking on the bright side I also happened to be a youthful thirty-something repeatedly mistaken for twenty one. My birth-year alumni also included vixens such as Scarlet Johansson, Gal Gadot and Keira Knightly. Not to mention I have cleavage for days and a sparkling personality.

So it wasn’t all bad.

With that in mind, I am celebrating a second thirty-second birthday today with my family (much like the Queen, I get two) and will confidently blow that candle out knowing somewhere in the world Wonderwoman is doing the same thing.


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